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Zoonomia Project reveals genetic blueprint of 240 species of mammals

The collaboration found some parts of genomes remained the same for all mammalian species over millions of years of evolution, indicating regulatory functions essential to health.

A bronze statue of Balto, a Siberian Husky and sled dog.
A bronze statue of Balto in New York City’s Central Park. (AN/)

An international collaboration of more than 100 scientists has built and analyzed the world's largest comparative resource on mammalian genomics – including the genome of the Siberian Husky that led a sled dog team carrying a lifesaving diphtheria serum to Nome, Alaska, in 1925.

The Zoonomia Project published 11 papers in the journal Science on Thursday that catalogue the diversity in the genomes of 240 species of mammals, representing more than 80% of mammalian families.

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