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El Niño could push temperatures even higher: climate agencies

The onset of a possible El Niño climate event later this year combined with rising greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could push global temperatures to a new warming record.

A storm moves over the mesa in northern New Mexico.
A storm moves over the mesa in northern New Mexico. Climate researchers say an expected El Niño climate event could bring needed moisture to the parched U.S. West. (AN/R.Powers)

Here comes El Niño supercharged by human-induced climate change, and if forecasters are right the Earth could see some epic weather in the near future: record-breaking heatwaves, unrelenting rains, devastating droughts, killer flooding.

While not all the news is bad and a major change in global weather patterns could bring relief to some regions suffering through long-term drought – such as the Horn of Africa and the American West – Central America, the Far East and Australia and large swaths of Africa will likely see significantly less rainfall accompanied by higher temperatures.

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