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U.S. says Russia is violating terms of the New START nuclear arms treaty

The United States says Russia won't allow American inspectors to inspect its arsenal to ensure compliance with the post-Cold War agreement the two nations renewed for five years in 2021.

A nuclear missile silo
The New START Treaty obliges the U.S. and Russia to limit their numbers of nuclear warheads and deployed missiles (some in silos like this one) and bombers (AN/Jakob Madsen/Unsplash)

The United States accused Russia of violating the last remaining major nuclear arms treaty between the two nations by refusing to permit American inspectors access to Russian territory.

But the U.S. State Department concludes that does not appear to pose a significant threat. "While the United States cannot certify that the Russian Federation is in compliance with the terms of the New START Treaty, it does not determine ... that Russia’s noncompliance specified in this report threatens the national security interests of the United States," it says.

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