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U.N.'s early warning climate plan for extreme weather picks up support

The U.N. chief called for the initiative saying as climate impacts worsen, it's unacceptable that a third of the world, mainly in least developed countries and small island developing states, isn't covered by early warning systems.

A man pushes a car with a woman in the passenger's seat along a flooded street in India.
In a third of the world, mainly the least developed nations and small islands, there are no early warning systems against disasters (AN/Dibakar Roy/Unsplash)

GENEVA (AN) — An early warning system that would alert people worldwide to impending climate-linked extreme weather disasters gained support from the top ranks of the World Meteorological Organization.

WMO's Executive Council said Monday it agreed to a series of proposals for enacting U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres' US$3.1 billion plan to ensure that everyone on the planet gets early warnings against major weather disasters.

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