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Gaza operations put on life support as fuel runs out and war rages on

Humanitarian aid trickled into Gaza but agencies were being forced to scale back as fuel and other basic items were depleted and diplomats remained at an impasse.

A child in Gaza flashes the international peace sign. Hundreds of children have died or been injured in the fighting between Hamas and Israel. (AN/Mohammed Ibrahim/Unsplash)

Caught between a rain of bombs from the air and a war of words on the ground, Palestinian civilians in Gaza struggled to find fuel, food and health care – and aid operations were being choked off – nearly three weeks after their Hamas government unleashed a deadly terror attack on Israel.

As Israel launched a tank raid and aerial bombardments and prepared an expected ground invasion, diplomats at the United Nations headquarters in New York met in emergency special sessions. The 193-nation U.N. General Assembly provided the first global response to the war by approving a non-binding resolution on Friday that calls for a “humanitarian truce” and cessation of hostilities in Gaza.

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