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DIANA makes low-key entrance as NATO’s DARPA-style innovation hub

The new technology accelerator, known by an acronym that shares its name with a storied goddess, quietly began taking shape a year before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A NATO illustration of the dual-use technological solutions for greater security and defense that it is pursuing.
A NATO illustration of the dual-use technological solutions it is pursuing for greater security and defense. (AN/NATO)

TRIER, Germany (AN) – NATO’s architects of war call it DIANA but perhaps JANUS would have been more appropriate. Operating mainly under the radar, DIANA's handlers will pour more than a billion government dollars into developing new dual-use technologies that can be used to make war when needed and to make money from commerce the rest of the time.

NATO’s new technology accelerator shares its name with a Roman and Greek virgin goddess who was a patroness of hunters and the countryside and a protector of childbirth. The two-faced Roman god Janus presided over war and peace.

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