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Watchdog finds scant progress in fight against corruption

As the world becomes a less peaceful place, a new report finds a clear connection between more violence and corruption.

The Transparency International index finds the number of countries in decline is increasing
The TI index finds 124 countries with stagnant corruption levels and the number of countries in decline is increasing (AN/Markus Spiske/Unsplash)

Corrupt officials and functionaries at all levels of government continue to rob the citizens of countries around the globe of stability, security and basic freedoms.

A new study by the Berlin-based watchdog Transparency International finds most nations fall far short in stemming corruption and 95% of countries made little to no progress in the last five years.

Not surprisingly, unstable and war-torn nations like Syria, South Sudan and Somalia are the most venal, according to Transparency International’s research, reported Tuesday in the group’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index, or CPI.

A trio of stable and affluent democracies – Denmark, Finland and New Zealand – top the index as the most honest with scores at or near 90. Rounding out the top 10 spots, with scores ranging from 84 to 77, are Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, and Ireland and Luxembourg (tied).

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