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Refugee crises around the world push nations' limits of capacity

The world's financial help for displaced people has lagged — raising broad concerns among international organizations that a lack of resources can destabilize neighbors and regions.

Red Cross responders in Sudan's Darfur region
Red Cross responders in Sudan's Darfur region (AN/Boris Heger)

UNITED NATIONS (AN) — Conflicts around the world have forced more than 65 million people to leave their homes and seek safety somewhere else. That includes nearly 22.5 million refugees, and 10 million others who lack nationality and cannot move freely or access things like education, jobs and health care.

"Leaving your home, and abandoning what you worked hard to build, is not something that anyone does voluntarily. But this was the only choice my parents had," Foni Joyce Vuni, a South Sudanese refugee living in Kenya with her parents and four siblings, told a summit on refugees at the U.N. General Assembly in New York.

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